Prisonshow episode 94: Neomi Murphy & David Jones. (In English).

Today we are very excited to introduce you to two guests from the United Kingdom, Naomi Murphy and David Jones. They both are experienced workers in forensic psychiatry and in the area prison mental health, but they are also the hosts of the Podcast Locked Up Living. There are already 22 episodes available and the podcast is about how people manage to live, work and survive, in a Forensic Institution. 

Naomi is a consultant clinical and forensic psychologist and sensorimotor psychotherapist.  She is currently the Clinical Director of the Fens Unit in HMP Whitemoor where she has worked since 2003.  The Fens is a specialist treatment unit for men with severe mental health problems within the high secure prison estate in the UK and she was responsible for devising a treatment programme for men who were perceived as “untreatable psychopaths” for this service.  She also previously jointly developed the first mental health in-reach team within a UK prison.  She is co-editor of “Treating Personality Disorder” and writes mainly about the creation of trauma focused treatment services for people in contact with the criminal justice system.  She is also Honorary Professor with Nottingham Trent University and obviously co-host of Locked Up Living podcast.

David is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist who worked initially with homeless men in Liverpool and Oxford before training as a social worker. Much of his life has been spent working in therapeutic communities, that is settings where the recipient is supported to be involved and take responsibility while reflecting on themselves. This includes psychiatric settings and  Grendon and Gartree prisons. He is the editor of two books, “Working with Dangerous People” and “Humane Prisons” and a number of papers about the contribution of disgust to violent outbursts.

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Date of publishing: may 28 2021.




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