Herstel en terugkeer
Herstel en terugkeer
The Prisonshow #39 Pati Hernandez (English)

Prisonshow episode 39:

Frans Douw and Edwin Kleiss interview Pati Hernandez.
She is an inspiring woman who does projects in prison together with students.

As a young woman Pati Hernandez fled from the Chili of dictator Pinochet. She had only a few dollars and a one way-ticket on her and went to Canada.
She studied there and later on she worked as a housecleaner in New York.

For over twenty-one years Pati works in Higher education Programs and today she is assistent professor at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, in the Woman’s and Gender Studies Program. “Hearing the voices of people behind visible and unvisible walls”.

Pati did a TEDx talk. Watch it at:



The interview was conducted on thursday april 16 2020 and published on friday May 1st 2020.

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