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Herstel en terugkeer
The Prisonshow #29 "These guys are not the monsters that most people think". A special about the deathpenalty system in Texas. (English)

Prisonshow episode 29: (All in English this time)

For this weeks episode Frans Douw visited people inside and outside the walls of prison in Texas.
The interviews he made make an extra large special episode about prisons in Texas and the deathpenalty system.

Interviews with:

* Gloria Rubac, a lifelong activist. (From 4:33 min)
* The deathrow angels, (Dani Gran and Linda Snyder) co-hosts of the Texas Prison show radioprogram. (From 22:55 min)
* Chloe Tabasco. A student Frans met protesting against the deathpenalty outside the prison walls. (From 50:54 min)
* The Marine Monk (or Rev), visits prisoners as buddhist monk. (From 56:30 min)
* Alexis, the little niece of Abel Ochoa, on the day her uncle was executed. (From 1:12:39) 

For more information or reactions, send us an e-mail: info@prisonshow.nl
Published on friday February 28 2020.
A podcast made by Edwin Kleiss and Frans Douw.

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