Herstel en terugkeer
Herstel en terugkeer
The Prisonshow #23 Frans Douw in Belarus / Wit-Rusland. The story of Ludmilla.

Prisonshow aflevering 23: Mevrouw Ludmilla.

De Prisonshow komt deze week vanuit Wit-Rusland en is in het Engels.
Frans Douw bezoekt een seminar in Minsk en interviewt mevrouw Ludmilla. 
Haar man zit al jaren in de gevangenis voor een misdaad die iemand anders op zijn geweten heeft.
Maar in het dictatoriale land geeft de politie niet veel om waarheidsvinding.

Publicatie: Vrijdag 17 januari 2020.

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Prisonshow episode 23: Ludmilla.

Belarus is a communistic country, ruled by president Lukashenko. In this country one can not speak of a democracy or a State of Law.  Gerda van ‘t Hoff, Elena Voskresenskaya and Frans Douw were invited to Minsk to give workshops about the whole process of crime, incarceration, recovery and return and about Human Rights. Present were former incarcerated men, humanrights defenders and partners of incarcerated men. 

One participant of our workshop in Minsk is Ludmilla, wife of a guy who now is incarcerated for 16 years for a crime he did not commit. He is a victim of torture and has serious health problems. The lady has a very strong and passionate appearance, fighting to get her husband out, accepting that she could get arrested. She is accompanied by a human rights defender who supports her in her fight and she also created a network of people in the same situation as Ludmilla: having a partner incarcerated to get punished instead of the person who committed the crime: a powerful person. There seems to be a common practice to use “scape-goats”.

Listen to the interview Frans made with this remarkable woman.


Published: Friday january 17 2020

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