The Foundation Recovery and Return.

The Foundation Recovery and Return is working on recovery and return of all those who are involved in the process of crime, punishment, recovery and return:

victims, perpetrators, their families, professionals, volunteers, experienced experts and other key stakeholders.

We believe that people talk too much about each other and are too little directly in conversation with each other. Stigma and hardening hinders recovery or even makes it impossible. That is why we organize meetings between stakeholders and support the efforts of others who strive for the same aim. And we help to make the voice sound of those who are not heard and we make people visible who are an example and inspiration for others.

Our basic principle is that everyone has the right to speak. We feel attached to all the different stakeholders having to do with recovery and return, and believe that every person is entitled to recognition and measurement (multi-sided bias).

Activities include:

– Organizing meeting days.

– Participating in the development of networks in the Netherlands and internationally (For example: House of Restoration, The Annual Prison Dialogue and Action Day.).

– Making role models visible, for example by issuing the Right to Speak Award and nominate people for the International Award of No Offence.

– Supporting initiatives of so-called experience experts (such as Toreachit, Aware4youth, Bureau New Opportunities, Nadine Foudation etc.)..

– Give a voice to those who are not heard, for example by bringing experience experts and institutions together and to make and distribute stories (like articles, written by ourselves and others and written articles and books Nanon Mckewn Williams, Jeannette Blumer, Toon Walravens, jengo Amadi).

Foundation Recovery and Return was founded in August 2012 by Toon Walravens and Frans Douw. Toon and Frans are experience experts, coaches, trainers and consultants. Toon is now ambassador of the GGZE and Frans was a warden until December 1, 2015 prison. Both are also active internationally, as well as the Foundation.